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How to Wear a Wig


TWC's Quick Guide to Unboxing Your New Wig

You've found the perfect color, style, and shape-and now it's time to make your new look a reality. When you receive your new wig, it's practically ready to wear out of the box. To see the beautiful style, cup your hands inside the wig and shake it to loosen the fibers. Fluff it through with a wig brush. If your wig is styled in ringlet curls, use your fingers or a pic comb. Now your wig should appear close to the style you ordered, and with a little touch up, it will be ready to wear.


Preparing Your Hair

Before applying your new wig, it's essential to prepare your hair: 

  • For mid-length to long hair, make flat pin curls out of sections of your hair. Keep them distributed evenly over your head to avoid bumps and bulges.

  • For short hair, spray your hairline and brush back the straggling ends.
  • If you have little or no hair, use a wig liner to help keep your wig secure. In fact, wig liners can be used to hold all hair lengths.

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How to Put on a Wig in 5 Easy Steps

  1. With both hands, hold the wig by the nape where the label is. Tilt your head slightly forward.
  2. Position the front of the wig above your eyebrows and slip the wig on like you would a bathing cap.
  3. Push the front of the wig back until it rests slightly below your natural hairline.
  4. Center the wig by positioning the ear tabs in front of the ears - never covering them.
  5. When the wig feels comfortable, check for stray hairs. A quick style and you're ready to go.  


How to Put on a Lace Front Wig

A lace front wig cap allows for a more varied off-the-face hair styling by giving the best appearance of a natural hairline. Putting on a lace front wig is quite similar to putting on a wig with a traditional wig cap, with a few exceptions. The main difference is you must take special care to avoid damaging the delicate ultra-fine monofilament fabric at the front of the wig cap when fitting the wig to your head. To apply your lace front wig, follow the five steps above and these tips:

  • As you place the front of the wig above your eyebrows, avoid bending or folding the ultra-fine monofilament at the front hairline.
  • Once the cap is fully covering your head, it is essential to avoid stretching the delicate lace monofilament at the front of the wig when making your final positioning of the cap.

Checklist for Proper Wig Handling

✓Shake and brush your new wig - and don't be shy about it  

✓Prepare your own hair using pin curls, spray, or a wig cap liner. This creates an even, natural look under your wig.

✓When you put on a wig, remember to position the ear tabs in front of the ears. This ensures that the wig is centered.

✓Check the fit and adjust the Velcro tabs, if necessary.

✓Finally, tuck in any stray hairs

Proper care of your wig will help it last longer, and it's easy   Simply learn when and how to wash, dry, and condition your wig - and be sure use the right wig care products.

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